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It locates in the area of the old Refugio Pehoé, and sited in a strategic position of the primitive zone of the park for excellence, it is only accessible through lacustrine way or walking through the trekking paths of the park. It forms part of the circuit and the W-shape road, being a base camp for excellence.

It is at the end of the circuit W, after walking from Lodge Paine Grande Lodge Grey is an oasis for people that ending in this area the Big Circuit , crossing the “Paso John Garner” after hitting the road in the morning from the Perros Camp

This shelter is located at the shore of Dickson Lake, and northern part of the O Circuit in the Torres del Paine. Located in one of the areas with more vegetation of the park has some of the most beautiful views of the entire circuit. To access it you have to walk from the Vertice Camping Los Perros or the Camping Seron.

It is located on the northern shore of Pehoé Lake and in the vortex of the valleys of Grey Glacier and in the Valle del Francés, which is a meeting point for passengers who come from Los Cuernos shelter, Grey shelter and Pudeto shelter through Pehoé Lake on board the Campos de Hielos Sur catamaran and from the Administration Office of Las Carretas camping site.