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Imagine coming back from a day's walk in the Torres del Paine National Park after a paradisiacal sightseeing of the grandeur of the Grey Glacier, having crossed the waters of Lake Pehoé, or having successfully crossed the Paso Gardner. Imagine a cozy ambience full of people from around the world who share their experiences with a glass of wine in hand while recharging their batteries with a delicious hot meal.

This is how a stay at Paine Grande, Grey and Dickson and the three shelters Vértice Patagonia look like. They count with all the amenities hikers require to rest and enjoy this lovely setting. They have restaurant service, comfortable seating areas to share with travelers from around the world, well equipped dormitory rooms with made bed service or basic bed (depending on the lodge), shared bathrooms, safekeeping service and rental of sleeping bags and complete bed kits (depending on the lodge). In addition, there are shops where to buy basic supplies and souvenirs.

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