General Conditions

1. – Services and products:

  • Simple beds and made up beds
  • Campsites 
  • Breakfast, lunch or box lunch, dinner or full board served at the cafeteria. 
  • Towels for rental
  • Tent, mattress and sleeping bag for rental.

Note: some services may not available in every shelter or camping, please ask.

2.- Reservations:

All reservations must be requested through our website or email, which are answered likewise. Reservations must specify guest or group´s names, place of lodging, number of nights and additional required services.

Individual reservations (between 01 and 09 guests) must be fully paid within 48 hours for booking. Once payment is received, booking is confirmed. 
- Changes and cancellations are allowed 31 days (or more) before arrival with a 100% refund.
- No refunds apply when a booking is cancelled or modified 30 days (or less) before arrival.

Group reservations (10 or more guests) must deposit 30% of the total amount within 48 hours. Once deposit is received, the booking is confirmed. Balance due must be paid at least 61 days before arrival.
- The 30% deposit is non-refundable. 
- Changes and cancellations 60 or less days before arrival have a 100% penalty.  
- A Group reservation maintains its 'Group status' concerning payment terms even if it suffers modifications and less than 10 people is finally confirmed.

Vértice S.A. reserves the right to change payment and cancellation policy at any time without prior notice. Please confirm payment and cancellation conditions when booking.

Booking requests that do not have a registered payment will be considered as a tentative booking. For this reason Vértice S.A. will be able to ask for payment upon its consideration. If a tentative booking is not prepaid within 48 hours after Vértice S.A´s request, the tentative booking will be immediately cancelled if the client doesn´t present any complain.

3.- Groups Policy: Free lodging

- For groups of 15 people staying at the shelter, 1 guest is considered free of charge only for the bed (meal services and other services are not free of charge).
- For groups of 15 people camping, 1 guest is considered free of charge for the campsite (Equipment such as tents, sleeping bag or any other are not free of charge).

4.- Rates

Rates are expressed in American Dollars for those who pay tax free-bills (only at Paine Grande Mountain Shelter) and in Chilean Pesos for those who pay IVA. Due to exchange rate variance, American Dollar rates are REFERENTIAL, therefore Vértice S.A reserves the right to modify rates before booking is paid, without prior notice and upon its convenience. 

5. – Payments and Prepayments

The Exportation Bills must be paid on American Dollars and the Chilean Pesos´ bill must be paid in the same currency, both on the same amount as the rack rate published on the tariff. The payments for companies and national guests can be done by deposits or bank transfers or with a bankcard.

6. – Franchise Tax

Foreign guests who don´t live in Chile will be exempt of IVA payment (only at Shelter Paine Grande and Shelter Grey). For this, passengers must provide their passport and the immigration card when checking-in.This Franchise Tax involves the simple bed, made up bed and meal services and beverage on the restaurant and bar (only at Shelter Paine Grande and Grey). According to the Internal System of Taxes (SII), sleeping bags are subject to taxes.

Chilean and Foreigns who live in Chile will be subject to taxes payment.

7.- Cancellations and No Show:


Individual reservations can be cancelled with no charge 31 days before arrival. Otherwise, 100% of the value will be charged as No-Show. In case of groups, the 30% deposit is non-refundable and cancellations or modifications with 60 or less days have a 100% penalty.


If individual or group reservations are not cancelled during the date mentioned above, 100% of the reservation value will be charged as No-Show. 


The company will reserve the right of using the reservations in case of cancellations or No-Show.

Return of prepayment are not accepted

8.- Vouchers

Vértice S.A. will only accept vouchers of Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Hostels, when services are prepaid and present a reservation code. This document must specify with legible writing and pressing; reservation code informed by Vértice S.A., passenger or group´s name, number of the voucher, numbers of nights (in and out) and detailed services.

The company that emits the vouchers has the obligation of inform to the passenger that he/she must present his/her passport and Imigration Card on the moment of check in at Paine Grande Shelter and Grey Shelter. If the passenger doesn´t show the documentation, the agency or tour operator will be informed, having to pay the difference produced by the IVA´s payment. The voucher must inform if the bill is going to be paid in dollars or Chilean Pesos. If it is not respected, Vértice S.A won´t accept complains or changes on the reservation after it. We reiterate that this is an obligation to all the passengers to know that the taxes charges are not negotiable and the documents are an obligation.

9.- Some considerations

For the made up bed, this will be considered as sheets, blanket and pillows and it will include a soap and shampoo. Towels are not included in the rate and are available at additional cost. 

The Christmas and New Year´s dinners include a buffet and alcoholic beverage.


Vértice S.A. will not make refunds due to weather conditions, bridge failures, road problems, problems with catamaran/boat navigation, natural phenomena, flight delays, problems with flight connections, social or political demonstrations or any other problem arising from these or any other event or situation beyond the control and the will of Vértice S.A., which would avoid the arrival or access to Torres del Paine National Park, or any part of the park or the shelters or campsites. 

Each guest is responsible for its own health and physical conditions to hike within the park, therefore, Vértice S.A. will not make refunds due to personal injuries, accidents or any other reason beyond our control or will.