The climate of Patagonia has always been known as hostile, variable and unpredictable due to our dismembered geography and the fact that we are at the very end of the world contributes to the intensity of the wind.

However, not one day is like another in Torres del Paine, the mountain range that protects us from the storms of Campos de Hielos Sur creating unique microclimates like the heat at Laguna Azul, the cold at Los Perros Camping Site and the wind in Paine Grande. It is a fact that the most benign period to visit the zone is in springtime or in summer, mainly because there are more hours of daylight and a more pleasant temperature- being the lowest 5º C and the highest 15ºC as average, but autumn and winter are two very special seasons despite having less hours of daylight it is yet possible to do all the excursions and transfers between shelters. Another great advantage is the less quantity of visitors which gives us the impresion that we are all alone in the park and have it all to ourselves.The lowest average temperature is -2ºC and the average highest is 8ºC. The wind decreases but is always there.