Welcome to Torres del Paine! 

Vértice Patagonia welcomes you to your next hiking adventure!

Please be prepared for harsh weather conditions, getting out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and the most important, feeling the grandeur of nature and its wilderness!

Torres del Paine National Park is part of the National System of Protected Areas of the Republic of Chile, under the administration of CONAF.

The official webpage is www.parquetorresdelpaine.cl including information about the regulations within the park, lodgings and a daily report (only in Spanish).

*** IMPORTANT *** 

According to the park regulations, it is mandatory to book campsites or refugios before entering the park.

Starting September 1st (until the end of the season), it is not mandatory to be accompanied by a guide while hiking the treks of the W Circuit.

The Big Circuit (the "O") will be available from November 1st (until the end of season), subject to weather conditions. Due to park regulations, it can only be done from East to West, that is, Serón-Dickson-Los Perros-Grey.


Save Water! Every Drop Counts!
Paine Grande features push-button showers allowing to save water. When using sinks, toilets and showers, please remember that water comes from the lakes.

Please Wash Your Hands!
Use hand sanitizers or carefully wash your hands with soap before every meal and every time you go to the toilet. Protect yourself and the others from getting sick.

Be prepared! Travel light!
You are responsible for own safety, be prepared physically for hiking, bring the proper clothing and gear, use sunblock screen and respect the rules of the park.

Please Pack Out All Trash!
Every season we must handle tons of garbage. Everybody must cooperate towards a park free of trash, so please carry litter home.

Torres del Paine National Park is a Treasure!
Everybody is more than welcome to visit the park while respecting the environment and cherishing nature and wildlife. Please stay on trails.

Ask a Park Ranger
Torres del Paine is a National Park, please do not hesitate to ask a park ranger about the trails closing times and rules of the park.

Only camp & cook in authorized places. Don’t fire.
Take care of your belongings. Do not remove stones or plants from its original environment. Be considerate of other visitors.