Meeting Point Chaitén Port - Villa Serrano
Check in 08:30 hrs.
Departure 09:00 hrs.
Arrival Puerto Toro (P. N. Bdo O'Higgins) 10:45 hrs.
Trekking at National Park 11:00 - 12:15 hrs.
Serrano River Navigation 12:15 hrs.

Lunch in Chaitén Ranch (roasted lamb, check for alternatives)

14:30 hrs.
End of services 16:00 hrs.

It is the perfect complement for an outdoor adventure in Patagonia. If you find yourself in the Torres del Paine National Park and do not want to miss the chance to see these spectacular glaciers, this is the ideal choice, round trip to Villa Serrano on an excursion aboard semi-rigid boats with comfortable seats, safe and fast. We enjoy a privileged view of the Tyndall Glacier, part of the Southern Ice Fields, plus an extensive Patagonian forest.

Services included

  • English and spanish tour guide
  • Boarding fee
  • Lunch with roasted lamb (check for alternatives)


  • Transportation from Hotel to Puerto Chaitén/Villa Serrano not included (Dock)
  • Transportation from Puerto Chaitén/Villas Serrano (Dock) to Hotel not included.
  • Operation: From Oct 15th 2016 to April 2nd 2017 (everyday).
  • This excursion depends of the weather conditions.


Cabin Standard
Adult $ 104.000

Valid for departures until April 2nd, 2017