New normative to Park visitors


hiking in Torres del Paine National Park Chile
© Vicente González Mimica

For this season, visitors may only enter paths of Torres del Paine before 17:00 hours

Backpacks will be label and will be monitored by rangers to prevent that visitors get into prohibited areas.

Since November, new control standards for domestic and foreign tourist will applied at the moment they visit the park, all visitors will have to assist to an obligatory briefing in park gates and the entry to the park paths has to be before 17:00 hours.

These measures are part of the Comprehensive Improvement Program Management campus, approved in May by the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) to optimize the management of the reserve tour, which every year receives more than 140,000 visitors.

This aims to reduce the threat of wildfires due to mishandling of fire in prohibited areas, as happened last summer, when the flames affected 17,609 hectares of the reserve.

Visitors will have hours of circulation, strict operating rules and all that will be broadcast in a video and booklet to be signed in their access to the Park.

The talks will take place in the four main access to the park, but with more emphasis on the access of Rio Serrano and Laguna Amarga, which are the areas where the greatest concentration of tourist flow. An orange label will be put on visitor's backpacks, which will includes name, date of departure and a system control register to be borne by the various shelters rangers.

Also, walk the path in mountain areas is only possible until 17:00 hours. After that time, the rangers will tour the areas on foot, on horseback or by bike, depending on the distances, to precautionary leave no tourist camping illegally in the middle of the trails.

This restriction also applies to the longest paths, taking more than a day's journey, and the "W" or the circuit to Paine Grande (one week), where visitors must complete the routes between a shelter and other before 17:00 hours. After that, should reach the nearest shelter and remain there until the next day.